Sadly, literary giant Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. 




Sadly, literary giant Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. 


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violently Filipino Cecil because yaaaaas

….I want his hair.


oh god i can’t <3 <3



the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


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reminder: please do not refer to acts of transmisogyny as simply transphobic.

lol if you’re cafab don’t just “like” this post, fricking reblog it like what do you have to lose

Don’t get stuck. Move, travel, take a class, take a risk. There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming. Don’t lose yourself at happy hour, but don’t lose yourself on the corporate ladder either. Stop every once in a while and go out to coffee or climb in bed with your journal. Now is your time. Walk closely with people you love. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep travelling honestly along life’s path."
Street Smarts: A Learning Process: 11 Things to Know at 25(ish)

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County attorney says he will prosecute Shanesha Taylor for felonies




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Despite public outcry, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said Wednesday he will move forward with the felony child abuse prosecution of Shanesha Taylor, the jobless mom whose Scottsdale arrest has drawn national attention and prompted calls for Taylor to receive assistance rather than punishment. 

Attorney Bill Montgomery’s office received a petition on Tuesday with 12,000 signatures asking for Shanesha’s charges to be dropped. "First, they weren’t signatures; they were just a list of names," Montgomery said, referring to a printout from the website. "So I don’t know whether any of the individuals in their pajamas who logged on to the site and put their name on there really had a clue of all the circumstances involved in this particular case.

Apparently signatures aren’t good enough, let’s call County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s office & tell him to drop the charges against Shanesha Taylor —-> (602) 506-3411

PLEASE call this number and leave a comment. As someone with anxiety myself I know how hard it can be to call people you don’t know but PLEASE let them know that prosecuting Shanesha Taylor is unacceptable. 

It was really hard for me to pick up the phone, but this is unacceptable. 

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Femme Nation: A photo series by 16 year old Hailey Corrall to provoke a message about misogyny in our youth.


I think one of the issues here is that apparently the word ‘bisexual’ is roughly the equivalent of ‘Voldemort’ and no one can say it???

But I don’t think Piper ever outright says she’s bisexual?

I mean, I definitely don’t want to erase bisexual representation because lawd knows there needs to be more, and correct me if I’m wrong please, but I feel like thinking that the spectrum goes straight -> bi -> gay is seriously flawed too and needs to be examined, especially since the whole point of this conversation was the importance of not putting labels on people who have not already adopted that label/identity for themselves

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